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About us

Kaleido coffee roaster is born out of the dreams of an avid coffee fanatic,Mr Guo. Most coffee fanciers have probably had the idea of designing thier own coffee roasters to roast flavor they like. 

This coffee fanatic started to explore his own roaster in 2010. After numerous failures, a roaster for coffee fanciers comes out. It makes roasting easier and roasting by yourself is no longer a far-off dream. In 12 years of persistence, Kaleido team is growing rapidly.We have a professional technical team, top designers, an excellent marketing team, and fast after-sales service.

Kaleido coffee roasters continues to move forward, committed to provide better products and services to customers. So far we have developed the "kaleido sniper" serries, and there will be more new products to show you in the future.

We appreciate all the support and companionship that has brought us this far.

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