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Q1 What's the difference between M1,M2 and M10

The major difference between them is the capacity of  single roast. 

M1 capacity: 50g-200g (Using for coffee lovers, coffee trainings and home roasting)

M2 capacity: 50g-400g. (Using for coffee lovers, coffee trainings , sample roasting, and mini coffee shop)

M10 capacity: 500g-1200g (Using for small coffee shop, coffee trainings,sample roasting)

Q2 What's the difference between Standard, Pro and Dual system?

The major diffrerence is system. Standard refers to kaleido system which is operated by a 7 inch touchscreen panel. Pro refers to artisan system , you need to download the artisan system we provide to connect to roaster.  Dual system is the combination of standard and pro.


Q3 What I need to pay attention to when use machine for the first time.

There are four key phases(Bean in, Temp back, Dry end, First Crack) .  If it is your first time to roast, we suggest that :

 1 click "start heating" and "temp alarm" , then wait the machine preheats to 180, when temp reach 180, the alarm will beep.Then click ''temp alarm '' again.

 2  click "bean in" and put green beans in. Adjust Fire 40, Smoke 40, Roller 80 .  (at this time , the bean temp will drop sharply.)

 3 When beans temp starts rising, Fire 70 

 Check the bean's color , when beans get very yellow, click "Dry end",  Fire  60   Smoke 20

When first crack starts, click "First crack"   Fire20    Smoke 80 

Click "Bean out" and turn on the cooling fan to cool beans

 7 After roasting, keep the Smoke and Roller on to help machine cool down , when the BT and ET drop below 50, turn off the machine.

Q4 Does Kaleido Roaster produce much smoke

No, the built-in smoke extraction system is able to absorb most of the smoke. As the roast volume and roast level increase, Kaleido Roaster will produce more smoke. For people who own M10 and roast over 500g or who are used to roasting dark, we recommend you prepare an exhaust pipe to solve the problem.


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